Hi There. I'm Kristin.
nurse. photographer. mother. grandmother. wife. coffee and chocolate lover.

As a photographer, I have a few specialties.
PREGNANCY:In my work as a nurse I have been there when women are transformed into mothers; partners into fathers and individuals into families. I love helping women to celebrate their pregnancies and their changing shape. Working with women and babies has been a part of my life for 26 years and I look forward to working with you.
*Pregnant women should plan to schedule their photo session for between 32 weeks and 36 weeks. By this time you will have a nicely rounded belly but perhaps without swelling and discomfort moving around and changing positions. A call to me at apx 30 weeks will get you booked in time.*

NEWBORNS: I took care of thousands of newborns in my work as a nurse and now i love photographing them. I recommend they be captured in the first 10 days so they will still sleep & curl like newborns and their umbilical stump will be intact.
I also create birth announcements. A photo shoot with your baby in the first 10 days of life is the first step in my custom birth announcement service. I will personally complete everything from the careful handling of your baby, the photography & photo editing, assembly of a birth announcement that you have helped design choosing from numerous styles, card stock & ribbon colors and then I will assemble each announcement right down to the tying of each bow! Together , we will create an announcement that will make you as proud as your baby does; something that will stand out from the drug store photo cards and on-line choices that have become so routine.

BOUDOIR: As a photographer specializing in women's photography, I had a number of clients who were not pregnant but wanted me to photograph them and out of that desire my boudoir photography was born. A photo session in my private and discreet in-home studio will capture your best feature: your own femininity. I will help you to look & feel your best! I work with a local hair/ makeup specialist so we can optimize your look.

BABIES: I can photograph babies past the newborn period in my indoor studio or on location. We can work together to decide what's best for your needs and vision.

CHILDREN, FAMILIES, COUPLES & SENIORS: In general I prefer to capture these outdoors. I know of a few great shooting locations and am always up for suggestion as well. I want you comfortable and in a setting that "fits" you.

WEDDINGS: I am not currently shooting weddings.
Contact me in Dover, NH at 603.534.5184 or e-mail me at

All sessions are $150 and last approximately one hour. Your personal gallery of fully edited images will be posted within two weeks and stay open & available for a period of 30 days for the purchase of prints, after which your images will be removed and stored. Prints are not included in the cost of your personalized "shoot" session. Cost for re-loading a gallery after its removal is $75.00.

Ordering prints: Sizes beyond 4x6 usually require cropping and a truncated portion of the image will appear within the paper size. Images can be ordered uncropped to avoid any loss of image or in even multiples of 4x6 size, for example 8x12. Try sizing up if it requires cropping. I can help you with ordering if you are unsure.

All images are copyright protected by the photographer and therefore protected property of Moonlight Photography. Copying, scanning, capturing or reproduction of images without written permission is illegal. Furthermore, the unauthorized reproduction or distribution of a copyrighted work is illegal. Moonlight Photography reserves the right to use any image for purposes related to but not limited to advertisement, promotion, publication or competition.